About Ben Altadonna

Ben Altadonna, founder of ChiroTrust,  understands entrepreneurs and their longing desire to succeed by creating and maintaining value in the market place. His experience and advice helps them go beyond their goals and dreams.

Ben’s success, and celebrity status in the direct response marketing world has enabled him to charge $21,500 per day for one on one consulting and hang out with all the “who’s who” of the marketing world.

Using strategies that Ben himself has either invented or perfected, Ben currently consults with doctors, manufacturers, vendors, information marketers, seminar promoters and consultants

“I can show small –medium companies; those doing $50,000 – 50 Million per year or more, how to dramatically increase sales fast… provided their willingness to heed my advice.”

Currently Ben’s company “Altadonna Communications, Inc.” publishes 3 health related newsletters with a national subscribership exceeding 195,000.

Ben Altadonna also founded The Practice Building Alliance (PBA)… “Done For You” practice marketing for Doctors of Chiropractic. PBA is now ChiroTrust.

For more information go to www.BenAltadonna.com

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