Mail Everyone 2 to 3 Times A Month

Here’s a little marketing secret: People are creatures of habit. They almost always buy the same way. They almost always respond to the same type of marketing over and over. Elite marketers know this and once someone buys something one way… … [Read more]

Lumpy Mail

How To Dramatically Boost The Response To ALL Your Mailings! No matter how good your marketing piece is it is useless if it does not get delivered or does not get opened. You should be doing all the things discussed in previous newsletters … [Read more]


Here’s something you’ll find interesting that can make you a lot of extra money: I spoke with a member in Florida and he’s tested two words that have driven his response through the roof. One of those words is “sciatica.” And believe it … [Read more]

Loss Is A Better Motivator Than Gain

I’m going to give you two headlines that were split tested by a HUGE direct response marketing company. I want you to read each one…and then… pick which one you think won the split test and why. I’ll have you know… one of the headlines … [Read more]

Knowing Your Numbers

Numbers May Break Your Heart, But They Will Never Lie To You We are all emotional beings. Great for feeling alive, enjoying a movie, or falling in love….terrible for business. It’s a constant battle; do what “feels” right versus making … [Read more]


It Really Is ALL MATH Almost every marketing question can be answered with a pen, paper, and calculator. Here are some stats you should always know before answering any marketing question: 1. How much would you like to collect per month … [Read more]