Don’t you hate when patients praise you and your care but never come back or refer others? Well it’s not your fault but… know this: JUST BEING A GREAT CHIROPRACTOR WON’T STIMULATE THE MOST REFERRALS OR RETURNING PATIENTS. But here’s what … [Read more]

Chiropractic and TV, RADIO, AND PRINT ADS

Direct response marketing (the generating and converting of leads) is my passion and my unique ability. It’s a game of strategy, testing, tracking, extreme patience, and risk. When done right (with the right product, market, and message), you can … [Read more]

Chiropractic and SEO

In working with thousands of D.C.s, inevitably questions about websites come up. This may be because one of the most common misconceptions about PBA and me is that marketing is the solution to everything. NOTHING can be further from the … [Read more]

Chiropractic and VIDEOS

Throughout the years, Chiropractors have used videos. Pre-internet, via DVDs and VHS tapes, videos were mainly used as “in office” new patient education tools. Some D.C.s still use them today. Obviously, with the advent of the internet, … [Read more]

Chiropractic and TWITTER

Twitter is the online platform that allows you to “tweet” or broadcast a message in 140 characters or less. The most followed twitter accounts are Justin Bieber (44.1 million followers worldwide) Katy Perry (42.2m) Lady Gaga … [Read more]

Chiropractic and YELP

Are you on “Yelp”? Is Yelp Chiropractic Marketing? Do Chiropractic and Yelp Make Sense? If so, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that, in my opinion, due to fake posts, consumers are becoming less and less confident in … [Read more]